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Systematic review of factors affecting driving and motor vehicle transportation among people with autism spectrum disorder

DISABIL REHABIL , 2017, vol. 39, n° 9, p. 837-846
Doc n°: 184829
Localisation : Documentation IRR

D.O.I. : http://dx.doi.org/DOI:10.3109/09638288.2016.1161849
Descripteurs : LC1 - AUTISME

This systematic review is to critically appraise the literature on
factors affecting driving and motor vehicle transportation experiences of people
with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to provide insight into future
directions for research. METHODS: Systematic searches of eight databases
identified 22 studies meeting our inclusion criteria. These studies were analysed
in terms of the characteristics of the participants, methodology, results of the
study and quality of the evidence. RESULTS: Among the 22 studies, 2919
participants (364 individuals with ASD; 2555 parents of youth with ASD; mean age
of person with ASD = 17.3) were represented, across six countries. Studies (n =
13) focused on factors affecting driving, including challenges in obtaining a
licence, driving confidence, driving behaviours and strategies to improve driving
skills. In regards to factors related to public and/or school transportation,
nine studies explored rates of transportation use, access, cost and safety.
CONCLUSION: Our findings highlight several gaps in the research and an urgent
need for further transportation-related training and supports for people with
ASD. Implications for rehabilitation Many people with ASD encounter challenges in
obtaining a driver's licence, driving confidence and driving performance compared
to those without ASD. Several strategies can be useful when teaching people with
ASD to drive including direct communication, encouraging coping mechanisms,
breaking down tasks and providing regular and consistent driving lessons.
Clinicians and educators should advocate for further transportation-related
training and supports for people with ASD. More research is needed from the
perspective of people with ASD to understand their experiences and the particular
challenges that they encounter in obtaining a licence and navigating public

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