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Use of a shoulder abduction brace after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair : A study on gait performance and falls

Fall prevention is essential in patients after arthroscopic rotator
cuff repair because of the high risk of re-rupture. However, there are no reports
related to falls that occur during the early postoperative period, while the
affected limb is immobilized.
This study assessed gait performance
and falls in patients using a shoulder abduction brace after arthroscopic rotator
cuff repair. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective cohort and postoperative repeated
measures. METHODS:
This study included 29 patients (mean age, 67.1 +/- 7.4 years)
who underwent arthroscopic rotator cuff repair followed by rehabilitation. The
timed up and go test, Geriatric Depression Scale, and Falls Efficacy Scale were
measured, and the numbers of falls were compared between those shoulder abduction
brace users and patients who had undergone total hip or knee arthroplasty.
RESULTS: In arthroscopic rotator cuff repair patients, there were significant
improvements in timed up and go test and Geriatric Depression Scale, but no
significant differences in Falls Efficacy Scale, between the second and fifth
postoperative weeks ( p < 0.05). Additionally, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
patients fell more often than patients with total hip arthroplasty or total knee
arthroplasty during the same period. CONCLUSION: The findings suggest that
rehabilitation in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair patients is beneficial, but
decreased gait performance due to the immobilizing shoulder abduction brace can
lead to falls. Clinical relevance Although rehabilitation helps motor function
and mental health after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, shoulder abduction
brace use is associated with impaired gait performance, high Falls Efficacy Scale
scores, and risk of falls, so awareness of risk factors including medications and
lower limb dysfunctions is especially important after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

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