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Benefits of the Restorative Exercise and Strength Training for Operational Resilience and Excellence Yoga Program for Chronic Low Back Pain in Service Members

OBJECTIVE: To examine the feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of an
individualized yoga program. DESIGN: Pilot randomized controlled trial. SETTING:
Military medical center. PARTICIPANTS: Patients (N=68) with chronic low back
pain. INTERVENTIONS: Restorative Exercise and Strength Training for Operational
Resilience and Excellence (RESTORE) program (9-12 individual yoga sessions) or
treatment as usual (control) for an 8-week period.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The primary outcome was past 24-hour pain (Defense & Veterans Pain Rating Scale 2.0).
Secondary outcomes included disability (Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire)
and physical functioning and symptom burden (Patient-Reported Outcomes
Measurement Information System-29 subscales). Assessment occurred at baseline,
week 4, week 8, 3-month follow-up, and 6-month follow-up. Exploratory outcomes
included the proportion of participants in each group reporting clinically
meaningful changes at 3- and 6-month follow-ups. RESULTS: Generalized linear
mixed models with sequential Bonferroni-adjusted pairwise significance tests and
chi-square analyses examined longitudinal outcomes. Secondary outcome
significance tests were Bonferroni adjusted for multiple outcomes. The RESTORE
group reported improved pain compared with the control group. Secondary outcomes
did not retain significance after Bonferroni adjustments for multiple outcomes,
although a higher proportion of RESTORE participants reported clinically
meaningfully changes in all outcomes at 3-month follow-up and in symptom burden
at 6-month follow-up. CONCLUSIONS: RESTORE may be a viable nonpharmacological
treatment for low back pain with minimal side effects, and research efforts are
needed to compare the effectiveness of RESTORE delivery formats (eg, group vs
individual) with that of other treatment modalities.
CI - Copyright (c) 2017 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. All rights reserved.

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