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Prosthesis Prescription Protocol of the Arm (PPP-Arm) : The implementation of a national prosthesis prescription protocol

In order to create more uniformity in the prescription of
upper limb prostheses by Dutch rehabilitation teams, the development and
implementation of a Prosthesis Prescription Protocol of the upper limb (PPP-Arm) was initiated. The aim was to create a national digital protocol to structure,
underpin, and evaluate the prescription of upper limb prostheses for clients with
acquired or congenital arm defects. TECHNIQUE: Prosthesis Prescription Protocol
of the Arm (PPP-Arm) was developed on the basis of the International
Classification of Functioning and consisted of several layers. All stakeholders
(rehabilitation teams, orthopedic workshops, patients, and insurance companies)
were involved in development and implementation. A national project coordinator
and knowledge brokers in each team were essential for the project. DISCUSSION:
PPP-Arm was successfully developed and implemented in nine Dutch rehabilitation
teams. The protocol improved team collaboration, structure, and completeness of
prosthesis prescriptions and treatment uniformity and might be interesting for
other countries as well. Clinical relevance A national protocol to prescribe
upper limb prostheses can be helpful to create uniformity in treatment of
patients with upper limb defects. Such a protocol improves quality of care for
all patients in the country.

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