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Gemstracker Expertise team Rotterdam arm and hand : Web-based monitoring of physical, social and emotional functioning in patients with upper limb amputations

Patient-reported outcome measures are increasingly used to
evaluate effectiveness of treatment. However, the use of 'paper and pencil'
questionnaires is time-consuming for both patients and healthcare specialists.
Therefore, the aim of this project was to develop a custom-built web-based
monitoring system. TECHNIQUE: We incorporated reliable and valid questionnaires
on all domains of human functioning as described in the World Health
Organization's Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF and
ICF-CY). The method of remote follow-up enables long-term evaluation of PROMs. We
specified monitoring protocols for both children and adults, split for different
age groups with emphasis on health-related quality of life. DISCUSSION:
Time-efficient evaluation of PROMs may lead to higher compliance and an increase
of client-centred practice. Moreover, evaluating PROMs facilitates patient
empowerment and enables patients to make informed decisions about their treatment
and healthcare needs. Clinical relevance We developed a web-based system for
evaluation of PROMs. The system has enabled better informed decision-making for
our clients.

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