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Paediatric Rehabilitation Ingredients Measure : a new tool for identifying paediatric neurorehabilitation content

AIM: To develop an instrument (Paediatric Rehabilitation Ingredients Measure
[PRISM]) for quantitative estimation of contents of interdisciplinary
neurorehabilitation for use in studies of relationships between rehabilitation
treatment delivered and severity-adjusted outcomes after acquired brain injury
(ABI). METHOD: The measure was developed using an ingredients-mediators-outcomes
model consistent with the International Classification of Functioning, Disability
and Health, a literature review, and other current initiatives in the development
of rehabilitation treatment taxonomies, with item codevelopment in workshops with
rehabilitation professionals. Interrater reliability was assessed in inpatient
and residential paediatric rehabilitation settings. RESULTS: Although sometimes
an initially unfamiliar perspective on rehabilitation practice, PRISM's
acceptability amongst professionals was excellent. Internal consistency of scores
was sometimes an issue for users unfamiliar with the tool; however, this improved
with practice and interrater reliability (assessed by Kendall's W) was good. The
tool was felt to have particular value in facilitating interdisciplinary
communication and working. Modifications to the design of the tool have improved
internal consistency. INTERPRETATION: PRISM supports identification of the
'active ingredients' of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation package and
facilitates interdisciplinary communication. It also has potential as a research
tool examining relationships between rehabilitation delivered and
severity-adjusted outcomes observed after paediatric ABI. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS:
Identifying contribution of rehabilitation to outcomes after acquired brain
injury requires quantification of rehabilitation 'dose' and 'content'. Previous
approaches to 'parsing' of rehabilitation dose and content may have
overemphasized one-to-one sessions with therapists. We present a novel, holistic
tool for identification of ingredients of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation package. It supports interdisciplinary communication and has potential as a
research tool.
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