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Effectiveness of mirror therapy, motor imagery, and virtual feedback on phantom limb pain following amputation

Phantom limb pain is reported in 50%-85% of people with amputation.
Clinical interventions in treating central pain, such as mirror therapy, motor
imagery, or virtual visual feedback, could redound in benefits to amputee
patients with phantom limb pain. OBJECTIVES: To provide an overview of the
effectiveness of different techniques for treating phantom limb pain in amputee
patients. STUDY DESIGN: Systematic review. METHODS:
A computerized literature
search up to April 2017 was performed using the following databases: PubMed,
Scopus, CINAHL, MEDLINE, ProQuest, PEDro, EBSCOhost, and Cochrane Plus.
Methodological quality and internal validity score of each study were assessed
using PEDro scale. For data synthesis, qualitative methods from the Cochrane Back
Review Group were applied. RESULTS: In all, 12 studies met our inclusion
criteria, where 9 were rated as low methodological quality and 3 rated moderate
quality. All studies showed a significant reduction in pain, but there was
heterogeneity among subjects and methodologies and any high-quality clinical
trial (PEDro score </=8; internal validity score </=5) was not found. CONCLUSION:
Mirror therapy, motor imaginary, and virtual visual feedback reduce phantom limb
pain; however, there is limited scientific evidence supporting their
effectiveness. Future studies should include designs with more solid research
methods, exploring short- and long-term benefits of these therapies. Clinical
relevance This systematic review investigates the effectiveness of mirror
therapy, motor imagery, and virtual visual feedback on phantom limb pain,
summarizing the currently published trials and evaluating the research quality.
Although these interventions have positive benefits in phantom limb pain, there
is still a lack of evidence for supporting their effectiveness.

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