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Measurement properties and usability of non-contact scanners for measuring transtibial residual limb volume

Non-contact scanners may have potential for measurement of residual
limb volume. Different non-contact scanners have been introduced during the last
decades. Reliability and usability (practicality and user friendliness) should be
assessed before introducing these systems in clinical practice. The aim of this study was to analyze the measurement properties and usability of four
non-contact scanners
(TT Design, Omega Scanner, BioSculptor Bioscanner, and
Rodin4D Scanner). STUDY DESIGN: Quasi experimental. METHODS: Nine (geometric and
residual limb) models were measured on two occasions, each consisting of two
sessions, thus in total 4 sessions. In each session, four observers used the four
systems for volume measurement. Mean for each model, repeatability coefficients
for each system, variance components, and their two-way interactions of
measurement conditions were calculated. User satisfaction was evaluated with the
Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire. RESULTS: Systematic differences
between the systems were found in volume measurements. Most of the variances were
explained by the model (97%), while error variance was 3%. Measurement system and
the interaction between system and model explained 44% of the error variance.
Repeatability coefficient of the systems ranged from 0.101 (Omega Scanner) to
0.131 L (Rodin4D). Differences in Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire
scores between the systems were small and not significant. CONCLUSION: The
systems were reliable in determining residual limb volume. Measurement systems
and the interaction between system and residual limb model explained most of the
error variances. The differences in repeatability coefficient and usability
between the four CAD/CAM systems were small. Clinical relevance If accurate
measurements of residual limb volume are required (in case of research), modern
non-contact scanners should be taken in consideration nowadays.

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