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Construction and feasibility study of the SOFMER Activity Score (SAS), a new assessment of physical and cognitive activity

OBJECTIVES: For hospitalizations in rehabilitation centers (RCs) in France, the
quantification of healthcare givers' activity is based on the dependency of the
patients, defined as a total or partial inability to perform activities required
for daily living without help. The tools currently used to quantify dependency
are not sufficiently precise. Here we describe the construction of a new tool,
the SOFMER Activity Score (SAS scoring), which allows for a good description of
the level of activity of patients hospitalized in RCs, and a feasibility study of
the tool. METHODS: After a study group proposed the first version of the SAS, the
validity of its content was studied by the Delphi consensus method: 26 physicians
or healthcare professionals known for their expertise in PMR responded to the
first round. The feasibility study was prospective and involved multi-site
professionals. Data related to the SAS determined by a multidisciplinary team
were collected and compared to the Activite de la Vie Quotidienne (AVQ) scale,
which is administered to all patients and included in medical and administrative
data. RESULTS: We included 81 patients in the feasibility study. The mean (SD)
time to obtain the SAS was 4.5 (3.3) min. For 97.5% of scorings, the
participating professionals judged that the SAS was compatible or fairly
compatible with clinical practice. The internal structure of the SAS scale seemed
better than that of the AVQ scale, for which the present study confirmed a floor
effect for all items. CONCLUSIONS: The SAS allows for measuring the level of
physical and cognitive activity of a patient hospitalized in an RC. If validation
studies for the SAS, exploring its reliability, construct validity or criterion
validity, confirm the tool's good metrological qualities, the SAS will allow for
a good quantification of the burden of care.
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